The Asia West East Center was initiated by a group of people who have endeavoured with the aim for the betterment of the relationship between the two Asian regions – Eastern and Western. East Asia includes both Southeast and Northeast countries, with the special focus on ASEAN, and West Asia, which refers to the Middle East.

Both regions have been home to different religions. While the Middle East is considered a cradle for all religions of the Book – Judaism, Islam and Christianity; as well as to ancient beliefs, East Asia was infused with the Western Asian cultural and religious influences as well and managed to preserve its indigenous core with the wide-spread practices of Buddhism, Taoism, Sikhism and other religions elevated by the mutual enrichment through centuries. Religion and culture at times facilitated or hindered the interaction along the pragmatic decision making by politicians and businessmen.

While the world’s attention is being attracted by major events and conflicts in both segments and respective sub-segments of Asia, the founders noticed that little is being paid to the relationship between the two, whether the interaction is being activated or disrupted. We decided that this gap needs to be covered by accurate monitoring, research of ongoing activities and to establish connections or disruptions in communication where it is actually needed.

The scope of our activities covers political, economic, cultural and other developments, which may have an effect on mutual interaction between Western and Eastern Asia. The purpose of our work is to facilitate this interaction for a better future in both the West and East Asia and to strengthen it at the mutually advantageous points that make us WE, Asia WE.

To achieve our goals we do a news monitoring with the focus on events important for the interaction between the regions, conduct research, publish research papers and produce analysis, arrange seminars, workshops and round-tables.

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